There are so many families who seek out for treatment of Oral diseases. Like mentioned earlier, the more awareness created the more we would identify sick people yet their pride was in us meeting their treatment demands. It should also be noted that the barriers to oral health is accessibility and affordability. The purpose of the centers is to protect the patients from dental financial exploitation by providing accessible and affordable quality services.

We opened up the first clinic in late 2015 at Katwe serving the slum communities of Katwe, kisenyi, Gogonya and part of Nsambya. We charge sliding scale fees based on each client's ability to pay. We do not turn away any patient in pain. This channel also supports our outreach team. All patients worked on in the community outreach and school outreach desirous to get treatment or review come to the static clinics where they are attended to at no cost. It is very common for patients to develop complications after receiving services in the community/school and in the same spirit it is important for the organization to prepare how to handle matters of worrying families as a result of our work are solved. In line with our mission we intend to open up more clinics/Centres in semi urban and rural areas for accessibility and impact.

The services offered at the Center include: Advisory, Education. dental checkups, Tooth conservations, Extractions (as a last option),scaling and polishing, root canal, crowns, dentures, bridges and provision of bracelets.