Our Story and Journey!


Oral health care Uganda (OHCU) is a registered nonprofit organization with registration number 11445 and NGO board number S.5914/11861 operating in Uganda. 4 billion people around the world suffer from gum disease tooth loss and mouth cancer.

We work in line with the UN's intent to erase the above non communicable diseases to overcome the challenges faced by the Public health systems in their attempt to bring impactful oral health standards to the society in their bid to bring quality life and wellbeing of the people.

We bring to the communities free regular Dental checkups, treatment, referral and follow- ups. By working with like-minded people and organizations, we deliver substantial dental material and supplies like toothpaste, tooth brushes and the prescribed dental medication. Through identification of vulnerable communities, Oral Health education, treating and restoring teeth we have managed to successfully overcome oral health challenges at different levels of the community.


To improve oral health of the people in most vulnerable unreached areas by expanding access to affordable preventive and restorative services, promoting oral health education and extending communication and through diverse partnerships.


A Uganda where everyone including the poor have equal access to quality oral health care services


- To provide leadership in advocacy of oral health Education, dental check-ups and treatment of oral diseases
- To increase focus on Oral Health due to its importance to sustaining overall health.
- To extend comprehensive quality Oral Health care to the poor and marginalized communities.
- To foster social research on Oral health and use data to empower and support communities in coming up with strategies and solutions towards management of their oral health